Clarification for the purposes of the law-representing decree No. 196/2003 from the 30. 06. 2003 – “data protection codes”

For the purposes of the article 13 of the law-representing decree No. 196 from the 30th of June, 2003 we inform you about the fact that our company processes the personal data of the customer and suppliers, as well as other people who are informed of us her personnel data deliberately (by telephone, by fax or by e-mail) or their personnel data to us by third or were taken over from public lists. It concerns exclusively personal data of common / usual kind and nature, so no “sensitive” data.
Our company guarantees within the scope of the legal default that the processing of the personal data taking into account the basic rights and freedoms as well as him became of the affected person with special relation on the secrecy which occurs personal identity and the right on protection of the personal data.

Aim and purpose of the data processing
The data processing is carried out exclusively for the following purposes:
- Fulfilment, more perhaps, of contractual obligations towards the affected person
- Fulfilment of activities in connection with the business activity of our society like filling of internal statistics, for the calculation lapping as well as to the guidance of the customer accountancy and supplier’s accountancy
- Aim position of business kind like the sending of commercial information and advertising means (by post, fax and e-mail),
- Protection of the demands and management of the obligations
- Aim position concerning assurances
- Loan assurances
- Transmission and spreading of the data
Concerning the aim positions given on top your personal data are passed on when required:
- to the public Verwatlungen and authorities if this is planned legally
- to the loan institutes with which our company maintains business relations for the management of demands, obligations and to the financing mediation
- to all those of course and/or juridical, public and/or private people (of Right, management and Steuerberatungsbüros, courts, chamber of commerce etc. ) if the forwarding turns out useful, as well as in the way given on top with the suitable aim positions necessary or for the exercise of our activity.

The personal data processed by our company are not passed on illegally into three parts or are spread in any other form.

Kind of the announcement
The announcement of the data is absolutely necessary for the winding up of the contract obligations, the accountancy and law regulations, possible non-announcement of the compulsory information can cause the impossibility of the ordinary winding up of the contract relations and the possible disregard of the legal regulations, the administrative regulations and working regulations.

Modalities of the data processing
The data processing is able to come with or without help of electronic, anyway automatic means occur and encloses everybody in the article 4, paragraph 1, letter a of the law-representing decree No. 196 from the 30th of June, 2003 intended and for the concerning data processing to necessary processes. In any case, the data processing is carried out under observance of all safety measures which guarantee their security and secrecy.

Rights of the affected person
The data protection act lends the possibility for the exercise of certain rights according to article 7, 8, 9 and 10 of Lgs. No. 196 to the affected persons. In detail he has to know the right which personal data about him exist, and also if they are not stored yet, and in understandable form closer information about these data. To find out origin and reason and the purpose of the processing, as well as information about owner and person responsible of the processing and people and categories by people to those these data is possibly transmitted. The affected person has to confirm the right his data and to control, to correct and to complement to apply that the data are extinguished, are closed and are converted into anonymous data, if the processing offends against the legal regulations. He has to oppose the right for justified reason totally or partly the processing of his data as well as to require her deletion, blockage, change in anonymous data and without justified reason if data are used for the purpose of the commercial information, the dispatch by advertising material, the direct selling, to market research and public opinion poll.

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